Did you know Crop Production Services helps lighten the financial load for college students across the United States?

Crop Production Services is committed to the future of the agricultural industry; we know young people are 100% of that future. Because of this commitment, we offer scholarships through the National FFA Foundation to FFA members interested in soil science, crop production, or agronomy. Two scholarships of $5000 US and 10 scholarships of $1000 US are awarded to young people - an investment we hope will pay off for our industry in the future.

Interested in applying for a scholarship or learning more about FFA in your local community?

FFA's website at www.ffa.org to obtain an application. High school seniors can also obtain official information from the National FFA Center at 317-802-4321.

After all, if we're not concerned about our future customers, employees, and industry partners - who will be?

FFA: www.ffa.org

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