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Harvest Now is a great time to sit down with your local CPS crop consultant or location manager to develop a strategy for your fall fertility program. As you consider what crops you intend to plant field by field to fit your rotation schedule, it is best to start with a current soil test analysis. This allows your CPS representative to make sound agronomic recommendations for you. At CPS we provide a number of different soil testing services, from basic 20 acre blocks zone to grid sampling; we have a program to fit everyone’s needs.

This is also a good time to evaluate your current crop and see how your corn and soybean seed selections are performing. This should give you a better idea of what to expect well before harvest starts. Of course a timely rain during the grain fill period of both corn and soybeans can have a dramatic impact on how well your seed selections perform overall. It is still a chance to look at any potential harvest problems caused by weather related stress, disease or insect damage. Your local CPS crop consultant will be glad to walk your fields with you, giving both you and the crop consultant the information needed to rate the performance of specific corn hybrids and soybean varieties.

At CPS we offer a full line of products and services for a number of crops in the central corn belt region. We sell and support our own Dyna-Gro seed brand along with Asgrow/Dekalb brands from Monsanto. Early order programs are under way for all of our seed offerings. CPS locations custom apply Nh3 in the fall along with custom application of dry fertilizers. We also custom apply fall crop protection products that help protect your investment in fall fertilizer applications as well as allowing you to have a clean seed bed prepared for spring tillage or no-till planting.

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