The security of the agricultural industry cannot be taken lightly. While you may still leave your doors unlocked at night and leave your keys in your truck, we all need to be more protective of the products used in our fields. Security We encourage you to take an active role in protecting our country against agroterrorism.

Please take a moment to review the following resources to be sure your family and community are protected!

Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) Program

Food & Drug Administration

International Association of Emergency Managers

Terrorism Threat Vulnerability & Assessment Tool

United States Department of Agriculture


The Fertilizer Institute, Ag Retailers of America, and CropLife of America have developed three security recommendations.

Identification of critical assets:

What products or equipment do you have in your fields, shops, or barns that could be easily accessed?

Establishment of layers of protection:

Do you have different ways to be sure your operation is protected, such as gates, locks, alarms?

Practice deter, detect and delay:

How can you stop an event from happening or at least notice that it's happening, then delaying the unwanted visitor?"


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