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Like many parts of the country, the Central Corn Belt Region has seen extreme drought to extreme moisture going into the 2011 planting season. Some parts of Kansas are experiencing drought conditions that have not been seen in years. Then we travel to Southern Illinois where record breaking rainfalls have put all field work to a standstill. Regardless of all the technology and size of our equipment, mother nature still dictates how much and when we get our field work completed. Yet one thing about it, once the Midwest growers get going, they cover a lot of acres in a day.

It’s been exciting selling in the Central Corn Belt this winter. Commodity prices continue to hold at high levels, which give everyone the enthusiasm to push yields as I high as we can push them. Thanks to our Loveland Products Inc. group, we have a wide variety of Plant Nutritional products to offer for maximum yields. Some of these products include Riser, N-Pact, ReNforce K, Lokomotive, Black Label ZN to name a few. Our branches are also getting poised to implement our Nutriscription Testing Program for the 2011 summer growing months. For those of you not familiar with Nutriscription, it is a Plant/Tissue Testing program we offer to assist our sales people when making proper plant nutritional recommendations as the crop desires nutrients.

Our Dyna-Go Brand Seed line-up continues to gain momentum in the corn, soybean, alfalfa and cotton markets. We have access to some of the best genetics in the world and continue to access some of the best traits offered in a bag of seed. Our folks are very confident and continue the message of Precision Placement when recommending seed portfolios to our grower customers.

Another highlight to our 2011 growing season is the introduction of LPI’s Matador herbicide product. Matador is a soybean pre-emergence herbicide featuring three modes of action to help our growers combat weed resistance issues that may be approaching into their fields. Talk with your local Crop Production Services, Inc sales person for more details on Matador, he or she will be enthused to visit about it.

Again, exciting times are happening in the Central Corn Belt Region, so stop in or call one of our representatives and see how we are helping our growers push to maximum yields in 2011.

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