NutriScription - A Complete Nutritional Prescription Service

NutriScription In 2006 Loveland Products Inc. successfully launched a complete nutritional prescription service called NutriScription, a system that accepts growers' soil, tissue, and water samples then compiles the data into a fertility prognosis with very specific nutritional recommendations.

To date, NutriScription has over 600 regionalized recommendations on over 150 crops/turf varieties, and continues to expand the database with new recommendations, crops and crop varieties. This gives Crop Production Services (CPS) sales reps and their customers a more precise approach to solving problems in the field.

The CPS sales rep has the sample results report delivered via email so that they spend less time searching for the data and generating reports. This not only helps the CPS sales rep, but also the customer since tissue sampling is so critically time sensitive.

Growers are facing more challenges every year and getting the most from input dollars is increasingly important.
"Soil samples help ascertain what is available to the crop, but with the additional information obtained through tissue sampling, one can define and react to nutritional deficiencies," says Chris Stickler, Director of Technical Services and Product Development for Loveland Products Inc.

Stickler also states "Nutrient availability can often times be hindered by soil pH; in fact, many important micronutrients become less available to the crop as the pH increases. A tissue sample taken during the crop season can help identify various deficiencies that can be addressed through foliar applications, which tend to be more effective because there is less interaction with the soil."

NutriScription, a service provided through Crop Production Services or select authorized retailers, is an excellent tool allowing "real-time" assessment of the crop's needs and allows the grower to optimize nutritional inputs.

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